A New Restaurant AND A New Baby

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2019

When Deborah and I decided to start a family, or at least try to start a family, at that moment I realized that I needed to look forward in my life and come up with a plan. Well, I had grown up in a family business and I always remember my father saying, "If you have to work for someone you might as well work for yourself."

It was at that moment we decided to start a business. We opened a small restaurant in a neighboring town, where I used all the skills and things I had learned from my parents growing up to start this business, move forward and to try to grow it into something great.

Thinking back on my life with Murphy's Law always plaguing me or you could might say in today's terminology, Murphy's Law was always trolling me. Well, here we are getting ready to starting a new business and taking the time to prepare to get the doors open.

We never really thought that we could get pregnant as quick as we did. Sure we were trying, but friends of ours had been trying for months and months, even years to get pregnant. All of a sudden within two months of starting to try, HERE WE WERE... pregnant and expecting a child.

I can remember going to the doctor for the first ultrasound trying to determine the due date. You know the one where they put the jelly on your wife's belly and they take that little machine and they go back and forth.

That was back then. Now they have these 3D images, it's amazing. I'll never forget when the technician looked at my wife as she was looking at the screen and asked us, is there anything we wanted to know? My wife not having been around children most of her life and me having had 17 nieces and nephews, she looked at me for some type of answer so I assured her and said, "It's way too early for her to tell anything, she's just joking."

When we turned to the technician, the technician said, "Well, he's right. I can't see one thing, but what I can see are two things."

That's right!

Not only were we preparing to open a business, but we had been blessed with twins.

I'll never forget one of my older brothers saying to me, "You know, you're making me really nervous." And when I asked him why, he said, "Because you're not nervous."

I said to him, "Listen, the business is scheduled to open, the children are on their way. There's really nothing I can do, but work hard and create success." That was the only mindset I could have.

The children were born in June, the business opened two months before in April and everything worked out just fine. I won't tell you that having twins was a lemon because twins were certainly a blessing in our lives. But at that moment, it sure felt like more than we can handle.

Have you ever felt that way?

I'm Michael Ponte, and in My Course, I'm going to help you move past feeling overwhelmed and take those

LEMONS in your life and turn them into LEMONADE.


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