Got Lemons?

Learn from Speaker and Author Michael Ponte as he teaches you how to turn everyday life LEMONS into LEMONADE

Let's Squeeze The Juice

Got Lemons?

How would you like to stop seeing problems in your life and start seeing opportunitites for growth?

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Turn All Those Lemons Into Lemonade!

The most unique Life Lemons Online Course available on Earth!

Life's Early Lemons

Learn how to identify why the lemons from your past are souring your present and future. 


Learn how to let it OUT in order to let it GO. From love, business and family relationships.

The BIG Lemons

Learn why communication is the key to having more love and success in your life.

Are you Stuck in a Lemon of a Job?

Are you stuck in a lemon of a job or a lemon of a business that you own and you just feel fulfilled and satisfied? What if you could learn to let go of that lemon and create a life of prosperity, success and have your dreams come true? I'm Michael Ponte and in my course I'm going to share with you how to turn that lemon into lemonade.


Did You Grow Up Frustrated?

And feeling lonely? And last in a big family? Did you wish that your mother could have told you that she was sick and dying of cancer? Did you wish that your brothers would have recognized your pain and included you in their daily activities and lives?

Are you carrying around those family wounds from the past? Those life lemons that have been weighing you down and keeping you from moving forward in your life? 

I'm Michael Ponte, and in my course, I'll take you through my life and share with you my life's lemons, and how I learned how to turn those lemons into lemonade.

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Each module is packed with weekly activities that will squeeze the juice out of ever lemon in your life and ripen your heart and soul to prosperity, love and FUN!

Getting Out Of Survival Mode

You can't stay where you are just doing what it barely takes to get by. Michael will teach you how to break that cycle.

Squeezing The Juice

By being vulnerable and giving up control, Michael will share with you how his life changed and how yours can too.

Perfecting The Recipe

Taking risks in his own life, Michael will show you how to create your recipe for turning lemons into lemonade and create more success in your life!

Michael Ponte’s path to speaking started out early in life. As the youngest of six siblings he learned quickly, "If you want to be heard then you have to speak up!" Never one to shy away from an opportunity, his commitment and passion for service has been a driving force for the entirety of his life. Michael’s childhood was filled with many character building moments. The combination of sickly parents and older siblings thrust into running the family business, gave Michael ample time alone to choose what was truly important to him.

From working at a young age in the family business, to rising to be one of the top REALTORS® representing an international franchise, then taking the stage to deliver messages of hope, endurance, and transformation-Michael's mission has always been to move people forward. Michael is the author of the book From Lemons to Lemonade: Creating a Sweet Life Out of Bitter Circumstances. In From Lemons to Lemonade, Michael shares early life lemons that helped shaped his awareness and understanding that life happens FOR us rather than TO us. Michael’s approach will help you transform your vision of life with a goal, to advance and see opportunities for personal growth where you once saw negative occurrences.


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"If you are looking to find part of yourself which is fearless in the face of adversity, Michael Ponte's book is just for you. It will inspire you to live a life driven by passion, faith and courage. "

Les Brown
CSP, CPAE, Hall of Fame Speaker, Award-Winning Author

"Huge shout out to Michael Ponte for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and deliver amazing content to our office. It’s very apparent to me why he’s been so successful as his graceful projection of professionalism, expertise and altruism is a combination that builds trust and likability at the same time. At the end of his interactive presentation, there was a noticeable increase in energy, excitement and gratitude felt by all. I feel so blessed to be in a community where a colleague from another company will come and share nuggets of wisdom and experience to help others. We truly live in a special place and time!"

Alex H.

"What a beautiful book-it moved me to tears. I was blessed to have so many positive interactions with your parents and they made an impact on my life. I also could see the difference in your family, post illnesses, where you and your sister held down the daily living. I also remember you as being charismatic and such a help to your dad. It pains me to realize the struggles you had. I was happy to read the love story with your wife and all she brings to your life. Selfishness also arose as I read your book. I have three children who are now 28, 25 and 14. My youngest was 9 when, like you, her world shifted. In May, my son left for the Air Force. In September, my daughter left for grad school after living at home during most of undergrad. Lastly, in December, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which knocked me down for months and changed me. As with your family, the life the older children had free of illness and full of fun was not that of my youngest. She has had emotional issues and has been homeschooled for the past two years. When I read the part you wrote would you go back and change things, I was crying and hopeful at the same time. Thank you for sharing your story, giving me this time to reflect on some great memories of your parents and to see how your perseverance has made you successful in both your personal and professional life. "

Fondly, Maryann
Hospital Administrator

"I started reading this book casually while standing in the bedroom waiting for my wife while she was getting ready to go somewhere. Before I knew it I was sitting down crying and wanting to hug you. I told her I was taking the book! Just boarded a plane back to Chicago and hope to finish it. Michael, you are an angel put on this earth!"

Jim B.
Textile Manufacturer

"Great read that just keeps giving! Michael’s down to earth writing immediately puts you at ease with relatable stories of his life experiences. His journey covers all the bases....You will be laughing, crying, cheering him on and clutching your heart with empathy and gratitude for the lessons he shares. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!! "

Kristen D.

"My goal today...finish this book. Michael Ponte has written a wonderful book. It is filled with humor, sadness, hope, joy and motivation. Thank you for the gift!"

John G.

Turn Life's Lemons Into Lemonade

That's me, the youngest! Look at that smile! This picture is BL (Before Lemons). Wouldn't we all like to smile like that again?

Let me send you some recipes to turn your life lemons into lemonade!


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